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What we do

QNADA is the peak organisation for the non-government (NGO) alcohol and other drug (AOD) sector. QNADA currently has 47 member organisations.

QNADA is committed to supporting our member agencies to deliver high quality services to individuals, families and communities affected by alcohol and other drugs. The services provided to our member agencies are evolving as we grow. We actively engage and support staff at all levels of each member agency, recognising that it is every part of an organisation that contributes to the high quality of services provided. 

QNADA members provide intoxication management, withdrawal management (inpatient), individual and family counselling, outreach, case management, residential treatment (or residential services) including Therapeutic Communities and residential rehabilitation, harm reduction and continuing care/supported accommodation services.

The following principles guide the work of QNADA:

Representation   - we actively consult and reflect the views of our members in the conduct of our activities
Professionalism - we act with integrity and courtesy
Transparency      - we are accountable to our members, funders and stakeholders
Collaboration     - we encourage and support partnerships and linkages within and across sectors.

Members portal 

QNADA members have access to the members portal, which is a space for sharing information through a private blog page and conducting surveys and consultation processes to inform future QNADA service provision and policy development.

Access the members portal 

Sector views - have you joined the conversation yet?

QNADA seeks to inform state and national policy and advocacy deliberations on all aspects which intersect with the AOD sector.  In order to accomplish this, we are committed to seeking your input and involvement in the development of QNADA submissions and policy positions. Members are encouraged to contribute to the conversation to inform the way in which QNADA represents our member’s views on these and other important issues through the Members portal.

View QNADA submissions and policy positions 

AOD knowledge base

QNADA has signed an agreement with the Western Australia Network of Alcohol and Other Drug Agencies (WANADA) regarding the sharing of AOD Knowledge Base, which is now accessible to member agencies in both jurisdictions. AOD Knowledge Base is an online resource which includes practice guides, policies, procedures and templates contributed by AOD treatment services, as well as research bodies and government. 

If you are a member and would like to request access, please contact us with your name and organisation.

Collector of Alcohol and Other Drug Data Sets (CADDS) 

CADDS is QNADA'S AOD client management system that can simplify collection of the National Minimum Data Set Collection, State and Commonwealth progress reporting and provide reports to inform management and Board decisions. 

Read more and access CADDS

AOD National Minimum Data Set (NMDS) collection

It is likely that your service contracts with the Department of Health (QLD) and/or the Department of Health and Ageing now require your service to contribute to the NMDS. Whether or not your service utilises CADDS, QNADA is funded by the Department of Health (QLD) to collate the NMDS for those member agencies required to contribute. Email us at to discuss this further. 

Read more about AOD NMDS 

Capacity building

The Comorbidity Project supports alcohol and other drug NGOs to develop their capacity to better serve consumers experiencing comorbid substance use and mental health issues. The Department of Health and Ageing, through the Substance Misuse Service Delivery Grants Fund (SMSDGF) enables the Improved Services for People with Drug and Alcohol Problems and Mental Illness (Improved Services Initiative or ISI). 

Learn more and participate in ISI 

Quality improvement and accreditation

Participation in an accreditation process can have significant benefits for your agency.  QNADA can assist your agency in commencing, undertaking or maintaining accreditation processes.

Fee for service

QNADA is pleased to be able to offer a range of fee for service activities with members, as well as non-members in the not for profit and corporate sectors.Fees will vary, depending on the type of work being undertaken and whether the organisation is a QNADA member.

View more information about QNADA's fee for service work 

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