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Capacity Building

Comorbidity (AOD misuse and mental illness) is a common problem in the general community, but it is even more common in patients presenting in primary care settings and most common in specialist services, such as AOD services.  

The Comorbidity Project supports AOD NGOs to develop their capacity to better serve consumers experiencing comorbid substance use and mental health issues. The Department of Health and Ageing, through the Substance Misuse Service Delivery Grants Fund (SMSDGF), enables the Improved Services for People with Drug and Alcohol Problems and Mental Illness (Improved Services Initiative or ISI). There were two components to this project being:

  • a capacity building grants program that targeted alcohol and other drug (AOD) treatment services of NGOs
  • the Cross Sectorial Support and Strategic Partnerships Project (CSSSPP) to support not only those members which received capacity building grant recipients, but all member agencies

Over the next three years, QNADA will focus on:

  • establishing and maintaining linkages and strategic partnerships between the AOD sector and other health and community support sectors to develop greater understanding of treatment models for comorbidity
  • assisting NGO AOD treatment services to undertake service improvement initiatives
  • identifying and facilitating training opportunities for NGOA AOD treatment services and other social and health services in relation to comorbidity
  • providing targeted and relevant information and resources to the NGO AOD treatment sector and other social and health services relating to comorbidity and capacity building partnerships and strategies.
Co-morbidity Policy and Referral Pathways


Whether you’ve been funded under the Improved Services Initiative (ISI) or are interested in discussing how your agency can participate please contact us on (07) 3023 5050 or at