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Organisational membership

All organisations in the NGO AOD and related sectors will be considered for membership by the Board. There are two types of membership available – Ordinary Membership and Associate Membership.

Ordinary Membership is open to NGOs and services, whose primary purpose is to reduce the alcohol and drug related harm to individuals, families and the community. Ordinary Members are entitled to vote at the Annual General Meeting.

Associate Membership is open to NGOs and services who may have a primary mission other than reducing alcohol and drug related harm, but are nonetheless involved in some way in the reduction of alcohol and drug related harm to individuals, families and the community. Associate Members will receive notices of the Annual General Meeting and are encouraged to attend and provide input into discussions however, associate members do not have voting rights.

Membership fees are based on the annual income of the organisation, payable at the start of each financial year. Membership applications are invited throughout the year, with fees determined on a pro-rata basis. As at 1 July 2015 both Ordinary Membership and Associate Membership fees for organisations which receive government (Commonwealth and/or State) of:

 $0 - $250 000 $165
 $250 000 - $500 000 $330
 $500 000 +  $660

QNADA also has individual associate membership

Individual Associate membership is open to anybody over the age of 18 who can demonstrate an interest or involvement in the reduction of harms associated with alcohol and drug use. The cost for Individual Associate Membership is $22 (inc gst) per annum for students/concession and for staff of QNADA organisational members, or $44 (inc gst) per annum for others (including staff of public ATODS services, researchers, private psychologists, etc).  

For further information about QNADA membership please contact QNADA on (07) 3023 5050 or email

Apply for QNADA Organisational membership here (download and complete form and send to 

Apply for QNADA Individual membership here  (download and complete form and send to