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In the media

The use of alcohol and other drugs is often reported in the media from a range of different angles. 

Below you'll find recent media attention (good and bad) in relation to reporting of AOD issues. You'll also find responses from QNADA.

1st August 2017

Australian Winter School Media 

QNADA and the Australian Winter School received media in the lead up to the conference and during.  Keynote speakers Dr Monica Barratt received media from the Courier Mail here and Dr Jason Ferris did an interview here, another here.  3 of the keynotes (Prof Marc Lewis, Prof Alison Ritter and Dr Monica Barratt) were interviewed on the afternoon program on ABC radio on Thursday 27th July here

24th May 2017

The intelligent approach is expanding option for families  

QNADA felt the need to respond to an article in the Gold Coast Bulletin that suggested that "dumb" people with uncontrollable ice problems breeding more kids is the cause of a spike in defendants in the local Children's Court."  We argue for the expansion of treatment options for families.  Please see press release here.  

15th May 2017

Need for diverse treatment options for parents 

This article in the Courier Mail has an unfortunate title, but is essentially suggesting that funding for more diverse treatment options is needed to support parents with problematic substance use to get treatment and keep families together.   

21st February 2017

 AOD Peaks Network funding statement

QNADA joined with the other state based peak bodies for the non-government alcohol and other drug treatment sector in releasing a statement directed to the Federal Government in relation to treatment investment.  Please view the statement here.

17th February 2017

QNADA comments on suspected Carfentanyl in Queensland

QNADA CEO Rebecca Lang was sought for comment by 4BC in regards to the reports of what is deemed a "deadly" drug: Carfentanyl suspected to have entered into Queensland.  Listen to the interview here.

 10th January 2017

 QNADA on access to medicinal cannabis

QNADA CEO Rebecca Lang discusses medicinal cannabis on Triple Z Brisbane Line, including the current challenges of legal supply and medical benefits.  This coverage is from 10 January 2017 and her interview occurs from 25-32 mins. Listen to the interview here.

10th November 2016 

QNADA on lack of drug treatment in QLD prisons 

QNADA CEO Rebecca MacBean argues for better drug treatment, particularly in men's prisons in QLD.  Currently there is no continuation of substitution therapy provided to men in the Brisbane Correctional Service amongst others.  Please read the story here.

24th October 2016

QNADA on Triple J Hack 

QNADA in ABC article relating to the proposal of the Queensland Crime and Corruption Commission to use coercive powers to seek and prosecute the suppliers of NBome caps which killed one person and hospitalised several others.  Read the article here.

18th October 2016
QNADA responds to claims of outbreak of 'zombie' drug

QNADA CEO Rebecca MacBean was sought for comment and interviewed by a variety of news sources including ABC, QUT news, Triple J Hack, Gold Coast Bulletin and various readio stations on the Gold Coast in relation to a story on the weekend of a supposed outbreak of a mystery drug, suspected to be a strong dangerous hallucinogen that is rare in Australia.

Read the response and article from ABC here.

Read the Gold Coast Bulletin article here.

Watch the coverage from QUT news here.

10th October 2016
QNADA welcomes Connecting Care to Recovery plan and AOD Investment

QNADA CEO Rebecca MacBean was quoted in the QLD Health media release and in the Brisbane Times in relation to the release of the Connecting Care to Recovery QLD five year plan for the mental health and alcohol and other drugs sectors. 

Coverage of commonwealth funding uncertainty and cuts 

Organisations unite to fight budget cuts 

UPDATE: Commonwealth extends funding

Thousands of people needing alcohol and drug services to be turned away after $200m funding cut, health groups say (ABC Radio Australia) 

Health groups oppose budget cuts to health flexible funds (Australian Hospital and Healthcare Bulletin) 

Funding crisis for drug and alcohol services (Medical Observer) 

Health workers on front line in fight against drugs 'shocked' by $200m funding cut (7news) 

Chanel 9's Today show highlights the important work of the AOD treatment sector  

Today show article

Interview with 4BC on the Swedish model of forcing drug users into treatment 


Interview with 4BC on industries with higher prevalence of drug usage 

QNADA CEO Rebecca MacBean talks with 4BC breakfast announcers Ian Skippen and Lorretta Ryan about how problematic drug use can affect anyone in our community.

Read the story

Peaks media release in response to the defunding of ADCA 

Australia’s network of State and Territory peak bodies for the non government drug and alcohol sector believe a national body responsible for providing leadership, policy expertise and sector development services is vital for quality drug and alcohol prevention, harm reduction and treatment service delivery.

We ask the Government to consider the implications that their decision to cease funding ADCA will have, and consult with the drug and alcohol sector on how this situation can be remedied.

Read the media release 

Sensible discussion on the place of alcohol in our community needed

Queenslanders have long had a love affair with alcohol, but not every love affair has a happy ending.

As part of Drug Action Week 2013, QNADA is calling for sensible discussion about the place of alcohol in our community. This call is supported by Dr Anthony Lynham, a maxillo-facial surgeon at the Royal Brisbane and Women’s Hospital.

“The Attorney-General has commenced a review of liquor licensing laws, a key influencing factor in the issue, and we hope that, commensurate to the level of consideration given to the views of the alcohol and hospital industries, the Queensland Government will work with the health and treatment sectors to develop a holistic approach to the responsible and safe consumption of alcohol”, said Mrs Rebecca MacBean, Executive Officer of QNADA.

Read the media release

Alcohol-related violence

On 23 November 2012, Rebecca spoke to Steve Austin from ABC Radio about the harms associated with alcohol, in particular alcohol-related violence as part of a story highlighting the importance of prevention in this field. She highlighted the important work that the NGO AOD sector does to reduce alcohol related harm.

Listen to the interview

Supply reduction: drug dealers vs. drug users

On 20 and 22 October 2012 the Courier Mail published articles relating to drug crime in Qld: ‘Crime’s foot soldiers just out of school: Teen Drugs Army’ and ‘Police target kingpins in the battle across drugs’. Articles such as these perpetuate the perception that drug law enforcement focuses on dealers and manufacturers, when the reality is that those most likely to face court are drug users. QNADA responded with a letter to the editor which was not published.

Read the letter to the editor 

Impact of funding changes to NGO AOD sector and QNADA

On 27 September 2012 QNADA issued a media release about the withdrawal of funding support for the alcohol and other drug sector and the long term repercussions. The release noted that the short-term savings created by the recent funding cuts to the sector would be outweighed by the long-term costs they would create. Rebecca was interviewed on 4ZZZ by radio host Steven Riggall regarding the funding cut to QNADA and the impact this will have on our members again reiterating the impact on long-term costs to individuals and the community. 

Read the media release

Listen to the interview