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Working systemically where other's don't

Paolo Bertrando MD, PhD is the Director of Systemic-Dialogical School, Bergamo, Italy and has graduated in medicine and specialised in psychiatry in Milan and has been trained in systematic family therapy since the 1980s.  He has written a book: Emotions and the Therapist.  His present interest concern the dynamics of systemic therapy, the realtionship between psychiatric and systemic thinking and the definition and treatment of identity problems using systemic ideas.  He has delivered trainging around the world on several topics related to systemic therapy.

The post-Milan Approach, especially in its latest developments, which have led it to a more intersubjective, dialogical perspective with consistent modifications in both its theory and practice, has the capability to deal with such complexities.The present workshop aims at helping experienced professionals to develop the abilities necessary in order to better understand the restraints and possibilities involved in the interaction with health and social agencies, through a comprehensive analysis of the situation (and of their own position within it). It also entails a re-examination of the basics of both the medical model and present-day healthcare management: systemic understanding might be valuable to counterbalancing the tendency toward too great a reliance on bio-psychiatry, pharmacology and strictly economic principles. 

This workshop is in Townsville, in the Raintree Room of James Cook University. Please complete this form and return by 28th July 2017 to attend.

Working systemically where other's don't

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